59. Night Watch (2004) with Dee Molumby
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59. Night Watch (2004) with Dee Molumby

6x9 - NIGHT WATCH (2004)

It's our first foray into Russian cinema with Timur Bekmambeov's 2004 supernatural urban thriller Night Watch, which finds the forces of Light and Dark enforcing a centuries-old truce on the streets of Moscow...

Back once again to help us discuss it is film critic and podcaster Dee Molumby, who reveals an unexpected link to Russia...

Dan Owen & Hugh McStay


Dee Molumby

Hugh McStay

"... And so it will be, until a man emerges who is meant to become the Great One. And, if he chooses the side of Light, then Light will win. But, those, to whom the truth has been revealed, say that he will choose Darkness. For it is easier to kill the Light within oneself, than to scatter the Darkness around... The prophecies are coming true." -- Geser

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